Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Songs For The New Year

Post Christmas is always a bitter sweet time of year for me. No more presents to open, the eggnog starts going bad and my husband’s tolerance for endless hours of Christmas carol music streaming through the house goes right out the window. It’s probably that last one more than anything else that gets me, having to box up my Christmas c.d. collection knowing that I won’t be hearing those lovely tunes again until the day after Thanksgiving.

Being such a huge Christmas carol fan I was heartened to hear a new collection coming out of Lafayette Louisiana. The folks from the “Lafayette Coming Together Coalition” have recorded all your old favorites with new lyrics to reflect these special times we are living in. If you’ve been following events in Lafayette, they’ve been fighting an ugly battle to get a municipal fiber to the premises network built. BellSouth leads the way in blocking every attempt to bring Lafayette into this century. BellSouth is suing Lafayette even after residents went to the polls and by 62% to 38% voted for the fiber project.

The carols are sung from the perspective of the telecom companies. One of the lyrics I liked best, sung to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” was “We will never stop suing you!” Another fab lyric sung to “Let It Snow” was “We have no intent of stopping and the lies we tell are whopping, our Congressman we will woo, we will sue, we will sue, we will sue!” All the tunes are catchy and you will find yourself tapping your feet and humming along.

I was so inspired I decided to try my hand at this creative endeavor. For your singing pleasure I’ve reworked Auld Lang Syne.

They are the Bells, they’d like to say
On Capitol Hill it’s fine.
They like it so, cause don’t you know
They got Congress in line.

They have DeMint, Ensign too
And Stevens is good to go.
Lott, McCain are just the start
But don’t forget Mr. Crapo.

And in the cities big and small
The cable guys play mean.
They gouge old ladies with great glee
For the worst programs you ever seen.

The cable rates go up and up
And the service it gets worse.
The Bells say that they’ll do better
If we remove the franchising curse.

But who will protect consumers
And the precious right of way?
The Bells say they’ll police themselves
And in Hell there’ll be a long cold day.

So as the New Year comes again
Get ready for the fight.
They got the grease, the money too
But it’s us who’s in the right.

That song makes me nostalgic every time I sing it. Don’t miss going to the link for Lafayette Coming Together, it’s a nice touch to round out the holiday season,

Happy New Year!

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